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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Daughters Of Eve - Part Four

The Daughters Of Eve - Part 4

by filthytime

Meanwhile a bright red light flickers illuminating a long white tiled room. It is a massive space that stretches on for as far as the eye can see, with huge cathedral ceilings and wall sized windows that are individual aquariums of exotic fish with beautiful ultraviolet designs all glowing under a black light.

The walls and floor are covered in a sterile white tile that had been cleverly smashed and put back together in gorgeous art deco designs that were framed in stainless steel. Alexandra steps out from a dark purple velvet lined closet full of various textured labcoats and nurses uniforms.

Her six foot, five inch frame slides across the floor in long elegant strides as her white silk robe flows behind her in beautiful shiny waves. Each powerful stomp of her metallic heels exude confidence and pride as she steps up to the  stage at the center of her bedroom. She climbs a small set of stairs that individually light up as she steps on them.

Sparking a series of spotlights and music to start playing in a very theatrical fashion. She smiles and spins around on each step as Madonna's "Like a virgin" echoes loudly through her chambers. Clapping and dancing she slides to the center of the stage, stopping at a large stainless steel bathtub. With quick dramatic flair she throws off her robe and extends her long pale leg to a loose tile on the floor.

Pressing down with her shiny white steel lined high heel shoe, the tile clicks and extends upward, revealing a small display panel of tiny monitors and glowing buttons. Alexandra leans in and presses down a large circular button labeled CONFESS.

"Begin countdown!" She yells with excited authority. Kicking her shoes off, she jumps into the empty Jacuzzi sized tub as the ceiling above her slowly opens. "This has to work! We have never been this close to achieving ascension!.......I am so close!"

She declares as she adjusts her glasses and spreads her arms and legs along the bottom of the tub in preparation. "I am ready to receive your love!" She yells as she slowly reaches upward with her tongue out. Pushing herself up with her feet Alexandra presses a big red tile at the foot of the tub labeled ASCEND.

It clicks into place and illuminates the bottom of the tub, simultaneously dumping gallons of warm cum from the ceiling. It falls in one big thick soupy white splash, completely submerging her and overflowing out of the tub, spattering everywhere. A full minute goes by as tiny air bubbles gurgle out from the flowing ooze.

Suddenly Alexandra flips her hair out and looks upward flinging nut in an upward arc that splashes back down and into her open mouth. "Hahaha! Its so delicious! (Pant) It feels so good! (Pant) My entire body is tingling!.....Ohhh!" she spins around wildly, dunking herself up and down drinking mouthfuls of cum as it runs down her mouth and entire body. Touching herself and rubbing it into her skin as she gorges on the pulsing puddle of pure life.

"I can feel it! Its coursing through my body, it feels so incredible! Aahh! Pure liquid orgasm!" She screams as she struggles to stand up.
Bringing herself to her feet Alexandra stands frozen in a daze with her arms out as cum slowly pours from her body in thick streams. Then suddenly she snaps to, smearing the sugary semen splatter from her lenses and face with her trembling fingers like a squeegee down to her mouth. She greedily sucks on each finger as she readjusts her glasses and tries to compose herself, clearing her throat.

"Heh....Ahem. Now I want cameras 12 and 17b following my every move and potential change, the rest will create a rotating perimeter around me so we can reconstruct this in a 360 degree environment later. Starting......Now!" In a instant hundreds of little machines, robotic arms and flying cameras take flight and go to work.

Cleaning and recording Alexandra as she hobbles to.  "Its so hard to focus! Grrrr! But I have to! A life of pure pleasure and ecstasy is at my feet. I'm so close!"
She struggles to step forward as her hands uncontrollably caress her pulsing pink parts.

Each step becoming more difficult as her body tingles and her pussy soaks itself in excitement. "Ooohh God I just want to get back in!....oohh!.oh!..No! I have to see this through!"
Alexandra is suddenly interrupted by her labs A.I system J.U.D.A.S. "What is it Jude?!"

The computerized voice of a young english man fumbles on to the intercom.
"Terribly sorry for for the disturbance Madame Alexandra, I thought you should know that my sensors are picking up a dramatic change in your core temperature and cellular structure."
"Perfect! Now prePARE....for stimulation!" She commands while her voice cracks and flutters from the pleasure and changes her body is experiencing as her hormones rage out of control.

A small steelchair rises up from the floor forcing Alexandra off her feet. As she falls back, a thin metal extension shoots up from the seat and forms to her back, catching her. She leans back and puts her legs up in the air, curling her shaking toes in anxious excitement and fear as white fuzzy lined steel stirrups drop from the ceiling and clamp around her ankles.

"I want a thermal scan every ten seconds and a x-ray video starting now!" She yells as a long golden falice covered in rotating, vibrating balls slowly descends from the ceiling. It is attached to a robotic prehensile tube that slowly pumps itself full of the cum from her tub.

"Hurry please! Fill me on my command! We have to time this just right!" Alexandra pleads as she pulls herself upward, uncontrollably rocking her hips in a shakey hump motion towards the buzzing golden vibrator. It hovers over her open aching pussy and circles around the outer edges of her wetness creating tiny clear stringy bridges with her juices as it slowly enters her in a spiral, like water down a drain.

Already on the verge of another powerful orgasm from her dip in the tub she clinches the soaked walls of her pinkness and bucks wildly back and forth consuming the entire length of the golden rod. "Aaahhh! Jude playback....aahh....playback the footage of subjects 13 and Adam 01!.....Now!" She yelps as her long thin body jerks and quivers, slowly melting back into her chair.

"At once Madame." J.U.D.A.S replies as a small screen extends from the left side of  Alexandras chair playing a surveillance video of Eric and Alice. Her body freezes and she stares at the screen with wide eyes as her mouth slowly opens. Sticking her tongue out, she purses her lips, kissing and licking the monitor as it shows Erics massive dick growing bigger and bigger.

"Ohhh look at you!....It should...aah....It should be me with you. I will be worthy of your love Eric!" She declares as she crosses her legs together and tightens her body, arching her back upward. "This is it! Jude time your release with mine!...Now! Free me of this mortal form!" Alexandra commands quickly opening her legs while her inner thighs shake and shiver.

"Oooohhh.....Ahhh....Fill me!" She gasps as the fully sumbmerged golden cock slowly opens and rotates in a counterclockwise spin, further stimulating and massaging the inner lining of her rumbling pussy. It buzzes and stirs as cum is quickly sucked up through its tube, illuminating a small strip of rainbow colored  lights that activate as it passes through.

Cum fills the dick like a big golden syringe, pushing up a metalic cork that slowly screws upward and cocks back into place like a gun. In an instant the cork shoots back down blasting out cock syrup like a fire hose.

"Ooohh...oh...ohhh..ohhh...dont stop!" Alexandra screams as cum flows through her insides like a wave of liquid rapture. It fills her, slowly forcing the vibrator out as it begins to shoot upward into the air like a geyser. "Ahh...(pant)..stay...stay inside me Jude!...I....I want all of it!" She stammers, shaking and wide eyed as if possessed.

"But Madame you are at full capacity." J.U.D.A.S reluctantly replies.
"I dont care!...I dont....(pant)...I want it all!...I want it all to flow through me! Increase output now!"
Machines and alarms sound off as gallons of cum violently pour out of her and onto the floor, covering her and some of the cameras floating by. It gurgles and bubbles, slowly increasing in temperature as it reacts to her own oozing fluids.

Her pussy resonates with seismic electrical pulses that warm her as they slowly spread throughout her body with each  blissful orgasm. Wave after wave of impossible pleasure tears through her from her melting insides to her lifeless fingers and toes as hot roaring cum flows in a continuous heavy stream accompanied by powerful surges that shoot through her, vibrating and tickling her insides to the core.

Each surge becomes more intense and frequent while she begins climaxing in unison with every blast as each one spurts more cum out of her in violent sprays that hit the ceiling.
"I....oooohhhhh....I...uuhh..huhh...I.." Her eyes roll back and her whole body goes limp, leaving her arms and legs to flail wildly with each influx of cum that gushes its way through her unquenchable girl parts.

A high pitched ringing slowly increases in Alexandras ears as her vision is suddenly checkered in a purple pattern that begins flashing from clear to darkness as if someone was rapidly turning her senses on and off. She struggles to lift her head as she gazes once more at the explosion of cum cascading from her insides.

Smiling slowly with an exhausted but satisfied grin she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue as her head wobbles back and forth, both from delirium and the still constant upsurges of undulating dick nectar wriggling through every silky wet seam of her fluttering pinkness.
Spreading her tongue into a small bowl, she catches the random droplets of cum that rain down on her as she giggles from the extreme high and euphoria of a never ending orgasm.

She rolls her tongue back into her mouth and sinks back slowly. "Ahhhh!" Alexandra declares as she swallows the tingling shot of sweet quivering orgasm. It moves gently down her throat stimulating her body like a slow soft caress through her out of control recesses. Her vision and body sink into darkness in time with the gradual slide of cum down her esophagus as she feels weightless for a second before drifting off into a completely satiated sexual shutdown.

Her unconscious mind rattles with pleasure and she feels the warm, pink, wet, addictive glow of love and passion resonating from the cum inside her as she becomes a part of the overwhelming connection between Eric and the girls for a brief moment before completely giving in to her bodies exhaustion and fainting.

An hour later she wakes to the whirring and clanking of her little machines cleaning up. "Huh? What happened?" Where am....Oh." Alexandra asks herself in a drunken stupor. "Oww! Jeez did I run a marathon without stretching. Heh." She says as she sits up under the purple silk covers of her circular steel framed bed.
"Madame Alexandra!  Thank heavens you are alright."

J.U.D.A.S cheers out on every monitor and speaker at once with as much simulated excitement as his processors would allow. "Ok ok Jude, could you turn it down a bit? I feel like I got drunk and had my ass kicked."
"My most sincere apologies Madame."  Says J.U.D.A.S as he condenses his consciousness into a purple teddy bear with devil horns and a black silk cape, laying on Alexandras bed.

"Your vitals were completely incomprehensible. I was so worried for you!" He says clumsily standing up on fluffy teddy legs and walking towards her, hugging her long thin pale foot and tickling her toes as he nuzzles his fuzzy bear face on them.
"I cant believe I lost control like that. Thats certainly no way to run an experimental procedure of such importance!"

Alexandra scolds herself as she cleans her new red rimmed glasses with her sheets."Madame you should not be so hard on yourself. Perhaps you need further stimulation." Teddy Jude says as he unzips his lower half and extends a two foot vibrating golden penis.
"Oooh You dirty bear! You've been upgrading yourself. Ha haha." She laughs as she picks it up with her feet and pulls him in.

"Yes of course. You programmed me to care for you. If I am to remain relevant in Madame Alexandras life I must be adaptable to her needs and desires. And also I thought it might"
"Yes? Out with it silly bear!" Alexandra demands with a smile as she slides her glasses in to place on her nose with one finger.

"Well I thought it might lessen your disappointment my lady."
"Disappointment?!.....(gasp!)....Oohhh no! Alexandra cries out as she rips the sheets from around her naked body.
"What happened?! Did anything happen?! She asks as she looks down and slowly grabs her b cup breasts in a disappointed sigh. " all?"
"Well Madame since you've been out, I had time to analyze all the data and have put together a small presentation for........"

"Just tell me what happened Jude!" Alexandra interrupts as she picks Jude bear up by his gold member and holds him up in the air.
"Ahem, well Miss seems that you do not possess the proper composition to change the way you want to. Of course it is quite early in our research to just assume....."

"Wait, what do you mean "change the way I want to"?" Alexandra asks as she shakes Jude bear around like a wagging finger of resentment.
"" He stutters and stammers while being flung around until she abruptly stops.
"You did experience physical change Madame.  It seems to have increased the rate of your aging and height. I know its not what you wanted but if you will just look at the monitor you...Whooooaahh!!"

Alexandra throws Jude bear dick first across her room and into a computer screen that was displaying the various views and angles of all her most recent research and experiments.
"How much taller am I!" She growls slowly and gutterally.
"How much fucking older do I look Jude! Fuck! Oh fuck me!"
"My Lady I would be ever so honored to pleasure you but it would seem that piercing through this monitor has shorted out my......."

"Shut up bear! I didnt mean literally fuck me!
"Sorry Madame, based on the data from my extra sensory drones you have aged by five years, three months, eight days, thirteen hours, forty two minutes and fifteen sixteen

"Jude! What the fuck!" Alexandra screams.
"Terribly sorry my lady...and you are growing at a slowing rate of an inch every twenty minutes. Which if it keeps slowing I estimate an additional foot of....
Alexandra throws her glasses at Teddy Jude and slowly stands up as shiny purple silk falls in flowing waves off her extra long, slightly curvier pale legs.

She screams loudly as her monitors shatter and spark around her sending a powerful electrical surge through the entire facility that rumbles and quakes through the halls, echoing with her ear piercing wail as it vibrates the door to Eves room.

"Wait! Sshhhh! What was that?!" I ask with terrified concern.
"Oh thats just one of us screaming. It happens all the time. I use them as timers for myself throughout the day. One girl screams almost exactly at 7:30 every morning. I use it as an alarm to get up!" Eve says disturbingly nonchalant.
"Eve thats terrible! What if something bad is happening!"

I whisper as I squeeze her soft little body into my chest.
"It probably is. But you're here now and you're going to stop it right?" She smiles and looks up at me with her big beautiful yellow cat eyes. "Heeeee! Ahhhhh!" She squeals like a little girl in excitement as she rears her head back and sticks her tongue out in an exaggerated, almost cartoonish motion. With a quick jerk of her neck she pounces on my chest with her little hotpink tongue and licks. "Mmmm!" Eve declares with an adorable high pitched yummy noise.

She straddles my body as I remain pinned down by the weight of my giant unerect penis that had rolled off Eves back and flopped to the left of us moments before.
It is now nine feet long and two feet thick with testicles the size of two overinflated beach balls. It is still growing slightly, even though Im not aroused.

I roll to my side, slowly and with much effort sliding Eve to my left and sandwiching her between my monster dick as I push my balls behind me with my legs."What are we doing daddy?" Eve asks as she curls into a little ball and faces me.I reach upward over my head and grab the huge tip of my penis.

Bringing it closer to my head I prop myself up and use it as a pillow holding it in place as my shaft rounds out and forms a makeshift fort of squishy dick meat that surrounds Eve.
"Ohhh I see! How neat! Can I sleep like this everynight?!" She asks as I drag her upward face to face and lay her on her back, allowing her to stretch out as she drapes her her little legs up over the base of my cock wall, rubbing it with her tiny soft feet.

I lightly caress her naked spread out body with my fingertips, slightly tickling her as they leave spreading trails of goose bumps across her ivory skin that harden her perfect, round, light pink little nipples.
Kissing her forehead I say with a gentle sigh.

"I am here now my little baby girl and I am going to save you all.......even if I have to grow a dick big enough to bring this whole place down."
Eve smiles and closes her eyes as she nuzzles my face and kisses me with her shiny, puffy soft lips. "Ahhhh. My daddy. Hee hee!" She says with a blissfully proud sigh.

"Um....but.....Eve? There is....well its just....can I ask you something?" I ask hesitantly.
"You can ask me anything silly!" She replies as she turns her head to snuggle with my dick.
"Well Im kinda scared for the answer but Im not really like....actually your father in some weird rape of science am I?"

"Heee hee! No you're not my father! How could you be? Im older remember? Ha ha! But you are my daddy! Why? You dont wanna be my daddy?" Eve says with a fake child like pout.
"I will be whatever you want cutie pie. I belong to you." I say as I lightly kiss her neck.

"Mmmmm well then.......I want you to let me tell you all that important stuff you wanted to know so badly and not interrupt me every time you hear a girl screaming. Kay?
She says in a much more serious and womanly tone that I have not yet heard from her.
"Um.......Sure!" I say with muffled enthusiasm.

"That way we can hurry up and get back to......hmmmm, how did you put it? "Growing a dick big enough to bring the whole place down!" Hee hee!"
As if nodding in agreement, my engorged penis eagerly bulges out by another foot in response to Eves desires. Veins swell out as they grow warmer and beat in sync with her increasingly hot, wet little pussy pulses.

"Ooohhhh!" She yelps as she grabs her petite, round, snow white butt and jolts her hips upward. Clenching each cheek she gasps for air as if suddenly frightened and then lets it out in a slow contented sigh, lowering her daintily trembling body.

"Aahhhh! you know where we are?" Eve asks as she plafully pats my dick with her delicate feather soft feet.
"Alice told me we were trapped in some kind of "last resort rehab place" where they are trying to cure us?" I reply.
"Ha! Thats Alice alright. She was one of the last born so she never had a handler. She barely knows a thing, you know?

Just a wild animal running on instinct and sexual desire. But then we all kind of are to some degree. Arent we daddy?" Eve asks teasingly as she licks the curve of my cock wall surrounding her.
"Mmmmmmmm! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries! Hee hee hee! Thats from one of my favourite movies. Its the only one my handler would let me watch when I was a really little girl."

She says as she smiles and gazes upward, humming the theme song to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.
"You remind me of that movie. Heehee. My own personal paradise." She lets out a satisfied sigh and returns to licking me.

"What is a handler? Can I be your handler?" I ask while helping myself to the task of handling Eves perky, soft, cantaloupe sized breasts and massaging their undersides as I gently kiss around her areolas.

"! Please stop!....stop asking me things if you insist on making me so wet daddy! I cant focus! Its very frustrating. All I want to do is rub myself on your big fat dick!.....Oooohh...! I want......I want! I want to eat your cum! Hee hee! I want to lay across the room and watch it......ooooh, grow towards my open legs. I want to coat every inch of it in my wetness as I grind my aching pussy into it.....yours! Its your Pussy! Ahhh.....Im yours! Oooohhhh!" Eve squeals as her body shivers in a carnal frenzy and she cums without a touch, just from the thought of making love to me.

My cock, now a ten foot mass of soft, floppy, pulsating flesh, swells out another foot as it plumps up in response to Eves orgasm. My balls begin to fill and round out to a single sac as they tighten and churn in preparation, under the command of her sweet soaking love slit.

I sit up, realigning my dick outward away from me and slowly roll it upright as I use my hind legs like a forklift to move the pulsating bulk of slowly growing balls behind me.
"Come here baby girl." I beckon as I hold one arm out and and pat the two foot wide mound of dick in front of me.
She says nothing as she stands up wide eyed and stares at me sitting naked in her bed on my knees with eleven feet of simmering cock meat fully extended across it and and two bean bag chairs worth of quivering nutsac skin resting on her pillows.

Eve cums again as she steps over my dick to stradle it. Her succulent candied orgasm squirts slightly from between her legs as her knees give out and she collapses clumsily onto me.
I catch her and lightly squeeze her soft delicate little body into mine.
"Heh...... I cant look at you with out cuming." Eve whispers in a heavy hot breath as she looks up at me slowly and bashfully.
"Well then cum my sweet little baby girl." I say with a smile as I kiss her forehead and drop her onto my dick.

Her slippery wet little pussy lips drench my bloated warm penis skin in a soothing kiss of tingling juices that make it grow more."Uhhhh! Uhhh huuh! Its heaven Daddy!"Eve yells as she arches her back and leans away from me. I run my fingers down her body and hold her tiny waist as she holds her arms up and leans back further.

"Oooohhhhhaaahh!" She screams as her girl parts flood with streams of cum and juice that pour down the sides of me.
I lean forward and grab her, slowly grinding her hips downward as I press her pussy harder onto my shaft. I uncontrollably start thrusting myself forward, trying my hardest to remain unaroused and focus on finding some answers. But there is more dick than me and I slowly lose control to it as it obeys the commands of Eves body.

"Ah...Ah....Ah!!" Eve moans as her head bobs up and down with every orgasm, leaning back with her head upside down and her arms stretched out like wings. She smiles as her eyes look upward towards my mammoth dick, a big pulsing canoe sized pile of flacid flesh that was now twelve feet long and still growing.

"!...want to view paradise!..Simply look AH!.... around and view it!...Ohhh...hee hee! Anything you want to!...Ahhhh....ha ha!"
Eve sings lightly to herself, dangling backward as her body jerks every few seconds, each time becoming less violent until she suddenly jerks upward and stares at me with her hypnotic, dilated, wide open eyes and continues to sing "Do it."

Regaining control of herself she kisses me and stands up with her knees bent, hovering over my gently rising member by only a few inches as she slides back and forth on her own immense puddle of delicious wetness.
"Heh..ah..heh..A the person charged with taking care of us. Each one of us had our own. My handlers name was Carmen, she was the closest thing to a mom I had before everyone left."

Eve rests her head on my chest as she elegantly kisses the beads of sweat forming at the center away.
"What happened to your parents?" I ask while my steadily increasing cock chub reacts to her puddle of slick pussy nectar by  thickening slightly as it begins to protrude a few inches off my hips on both sides.

She stands up slowly on the weak trembling knees of a freshly deflowered girl and laughs.
"Ha ha ha! You really dont know anything do you? We dont have parents silly!" She says as she gets on all fours and rubs her face and body against me like a cat.
"Thats not true! My parents dropped me off here, not to mention raised me from infancy."

I say slighty defensive as my body shudders from Eves full body rub down. She drags her tiny baby soft figure against the length of my dick as she licks and kisses it all the way down towards the tip and around back up to me.
"We were born here Eric. We were made here." She says looking up as she drags her tongue through the inner curve of my hips and crawls behind me.

"Oh my god! Look at you daddy!" She proclaims as she dreamily gazes at my enourmous mound of churning balls while crawling to the center of them and pressing her face between their palpitating, wrinkled confines, slowly sinking downward.

She rubs her hands in circular motions on each ball as she sweetly motor boats between them with an adorable little engine noise.
"W...w...what do you mean here?" I ask, desperately trying with every fiber of my being to not get aroused as my colossal cock extends to fourteen feet and pours off the side of the bed down to the floor.

"Did your parent's......I mean handlers ever let you read the bible?" Eve asks rolling on her back and sprawling out over the full expanse of my soft swollen sac flesh as she burrows and nestles into them like a dog trying to mask its odor.
" really but Im...Ah....aware of alot of the...oohhh....stories that most people are I guess...mmmm...Why?" I ask unable to mask the pleasure Im in as Eve presses and kneads like a cat into my giant aching balls that were sore from their extreme growth and cum brewing.

"So then you know.......about genesis and......the creation?" Eve asks inbetween tiny little licks and kisses of my goose bump covered sac skin.
"Sure...alot of But its more or less...just a story...a fairytale right? And what...ahhh!...does tha...that have to do with any....unngh...any of this!" I ask as I lean backward against my loveseat sized balls and look up at her.
"It has everything to do with everything silly!" Eve shouts and sits up to rest my head in her lap, draping her velvety soft perky breasts onto my face as she leans forward in an attempt to greedily touch my mammoth mass of cock meat before giving up and sitting back with a defeated shrug.

"Sigh....well a long time ago a group of explorers were traveling through the inner caverns of the Tibesti mountains in Africa. At the center of the mountain range, deep inside was a huge open cave full of water  that was covered in complete darkness. All except for a tiny piece of land that was just big enough for a single tree. It stood twelve feet tall and and shined under a single beam of light that somehow managed to slip through miles of stone and dirt."

Eve pauses for a moment and lifts my head out her lap as she rolls over and slides her tender butt back under me like a squishy little pillow.
"Mmmmm! Hee hee! Thats better! She says as she drapes her precious petite legs over my shoulders and tickles my stomach with her toes.
I turn my head and nuzzle my face on her left butt cheek as I lightly kiss it. Her luscious rump skin is intoxicating and smells like vanilla on perfectly shaped little lady mounds of smooth creamy butt flesh that warmed the more I touched them.

"Ooooohhh." She shudders in a reserved whisper as she continues.
"At the base of the tree were two tiny piles of bone fragments and hair. Two people, a man and a woman under an ancient apple tree. Sound familiar?" Eve asks as she retracts her leg back and grazes my cheek with the bottom of her baby soft foot.  I kiss it each time she draws it near as she teasingly sways it back and forth in front of my face.
"What?......Smooch!....Like Adam.....Smooch! and Eve? I reply between kisses.
"Hee hee haha! Yes!...Yes thats it!" She laughs as she lightly dabs her toes on my extended tongue.

"Two ancient piles of dust, older than any known human remains ever documented before. Just sitting at the center of the Tibesti mountains, in the heart of Africa. Which was once the center of an even greater continent, we call it Pangea......but they called it...........Eden." Eve turns and looks at me slowly with the spooky seriousness of a campire story as she puts both feet on my face and presses me into her butt. I feel it tense and rise up slightly as the heat and wetness from her pussy warms my neck.

I run my hands up her legs to her enticing little feet and grab them as I rub their bottoms across my face kissing and licking them. Her supple mouth watering toes spread apart as she laughs and I suck on each one, tightening my lips around them as I swirl my tongue on their honey sweet tips.

"Hee hee ha! Daddy.....mmmmm!......I dont think you're taking this very seriously!"  Eve says giggling as she shakes her butt back and forth, rocking my head from one jiggly cheek to the other.
"Hmmm?....pop!....well it soundths....pop!....kinna crazthy.....pop! I say as I release my lips from each toe, creating a popping sound of suction.

"Would you like to see!?" She says as she sits up and raises her butt out from under my head, dragging her body backward over me. She slides her divine precious wet pinkness over my face, drizzling me in her juices as I stick my tongue out and lick between her legs for the first time. She tastes like cherries as her addictive oozing essence coats my lips making my mouth tingle in an orgasmic shiver that makes me feel light headed and euphoric.

"Aaaahhhh! Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh it feels so good!" She screams, uncontrollably jerking her body as she slides down my chest and stomach, landing on my dick. She cums again as she makes contact with it, making me grow to a staggering fifteen feet long.

"Ohh...ohh..heh....heh...I think..I think Im starting to get the hang of this! Before you know it I will be able to pleasure you as you have me. Weee hee hee hee!" Eve pants as she darts up and clumsily tumbles over me onto the bed.
"Hee hee cumming so hard makes my legs not want to work!"
She crawls off the bed bouncing and skipping to the center of the huge mirrored wall facing the bed.
"My room is special! Do you know why!" Eve asks coyly as she sticks her butt out at me and wags it like an excited puppy.
"Well is it something other than the migraine inducing pink light reflected for infinity in all directions?

Because thats pretty special." I say with a smirk as I slowly stand up from between my boiling, bubbling balls that were now just below my hips and rising. My monumental mass of squishy cock flesh bloats even further, protruding from my sides by a few more inches.
"Silly everythings mirrored panels. I have other rooms here too, this is just my bedroom. The pink is for my eyes, they're sensitive to light. And the mirrors....those are for you! Well mostly me, but you too! Ive dreamed of it since I was a really little girl."

"Hee hee! To be able look in every direction and see you loving me. Its always been you. My dream come true! Oohhh how lovely! To be able to watch myself receive your love! Its what I need! what Ive always felt! Its what we are meant to do!" Eve shouts as she presses a hidden panel that illuminates a grid of blue neon behind a mirrored wall. It spreads into a rectangular shape that cleans itself of reflective surface like slowly dissipating smoke to reveal a huge clear window.
"Tah dah! Look! Im the only girl with a window! Heehee!" She giggles, propping one foot up in the air and posing like a ballerina.

"Eve...nnggghhh!....what are we looking at? Urrggghhh!" I ask stepping to the side and trying to adjust my self as I drag my giant growing member to the edge of the bed with a sudden unexplainable anxiety and desperation to get closer. My balls tighten up and spring upward dangling an inch above the ground allowing me to move my body, adapting to the situation and immediately feeling lighter as I step off the bed. Walking forward, my massive nutsac leaks off the edge behind me, making a thunderous "Smack!" as it hits the ground and quickly tightens back up, allowing me to stand. I waddle forward as my four foot wide expanse of testicle meat swings back and forth behind me with each step.

All fifteen feet of my pounding veiny dick flesh flop to the floor in a chain reaction as it pulls itself off the bed to join me. Hundreds of pounds of cock feel like nothing as I step forward, it jerks like the quick pop of a rope or whip, straightening out and facing my line of sight which is directed towards Eve.

"Oh my god! How can you walk! Its amazing! Its! Oh my god! Come here! Please! Come here! Uhh ahh ohhhh!" Eve screams as her body jerks and she slides down the wall onto her butt with her legs spread open, exploding inside as she lightly splatters the floor with her unbridled orgasm.
"Pleeeease daddy! Please!" She begs as she holds her arms out, shaking from savage lust and fantasy.

My dickhead bobs up, sloppily spurting in response to Eves crippling desire and slithers towards her as I walk forward. With minimal effort I slide across her room, being guided by my own throbbing dick. It glides forward like a snail on a trail of precum, as it slips over her feet and between her legs, coating her in clear strings of cock slime that ooze between her toes.

She grips my dickhead between her feet squeezing and rubbing as she drags it towards her anxiously gushing girl parts.
Her pussy lips clench and pucker while sweet fuck honey sputters out violently as if trying to verbally convey its out of control desire to be ravaged.
Stepping forward I reduce the space between us to just the length of my colossal cock as it discharges buckets of precum like a hose being unkinked, spashing all over Eves lower half.

She bucks forward, lifting her drenched, scorching love slit to the thundering lips of my dick tip and presses them together like a soaking wet sloppy smooch. An explosion of sexual electricity shudders through our love parts as she screams and shivers, instantly cumming, causing a burst of our flowing sex fluids to mix together and squirt upward like little wet fireworks.
Eves tender quivering pussy lips blossom open and suction to my urethra like a magnet.

"Mmmm ooohh oh see! We are made for each other daddy! Like..Ahh!!... pieces of a puzzle! She screams, absorbing my precum as her rumbling cunt gulps it into her. Eves eyes roll back and she climaxes every couple of seconds causing her own cum to erupt outward against the flow of mine, gushing out in splattering rings of an exquisite love cocktail.

Our connection floods my mind with images and random thoughts. Memories that were not mine bombard me and I see two hands embracing infront of a white glowing tree, a kiss, a bite of an apple, an earthquake, passionate never ending sex and Eve much younger touching herself in the darkness of her room as she screams my name out.

I step forward with my arms out and I slowly shuffle towards her, walking to the side as my dick curves behind me. Uncontrollably thrusting my hips as it grows another foot slightly chubbing out from the sensation of Eve rubbing her incredible pink candy in circular motions on my dick tip.

My big fat sixteen foot penis starts to react to my  gestures and thoughts as it moves in a counterclockwise motion against the caressing of her fluttering coochie, massaging my clear spewing cock lubricant into her soaked nether region.
" is this!?"
My amazement and lust leave me speechless and I thurst forward more, clinching my body as I try to gain further control of my dick.

It moves and slithers in waves like a tentacle between Eves legs and she tightens her grip on it with her inner thighs, stroking the sides with her soft feet as she follows the contour of my bulging veins with her tender toes. "Oh ohhhhh it feels so good!" She yells as I slowly scoop her up with my penis, sliding upward against the window, I bring her to an upright postion and she sits on top of my growling dick head, straddling me.

I lunge forward and kiss her madly as I ravenously feel her body with my hands. My mind is torn and I am overcome by my crushing desire to pleasure Eve and my out of control instinct to become more, to grow more, to gain complete control of my body, and pleasure Eve even more, to pleasure her even better, to transcend beyond pleasure to something the world hasnt seen since its creation, to create heaven on earth.

"Oh god I want you so bad Eve! I want you all so bad! I can feel you! I can feel the unsatisfiable aching in your delicious little pussy. It calls to me! Its controlling me! Making my dick growl! Making it grow bigger! I wanna love you! I want to give you eternal ecstasy!" I whisper to her, raising her up with my dick a little more, clinching my butt as I thrust my hips in the direction I want it.

I ferociously kiss her neck and drag my tongue down her chest as I bring her creamy breasts to my face. Kissing along their bottoms, I rub and knead her baby soft tit flesh into me. Bringing one of her perfect shiny pink nipples to my mouth I kiss it and watch as it hardens immediately to my touch."Heeheehee! Oh please suck them! Mmmm! I Want...ooh...I want you to lick and suck them both right now!" Eve demands.

I stare into her eyes longingly with a smile as I drag my wet lips in circles over the hard wrinkled areola skin surrounding her inch long nipple. I push them in like buttons with my tongue and then suck them deep into my mouth, alternating from one nipple to other and then both at the same time.

She cums again as I steadily try to coil my dick underneath her like a snake. Tilting the head of my prehensile penis, I drop Eve into a four foot tall bundle of stacked penis meat as I bring my massive cock tip to her face, dribbling an endless flow of precum on her.

"Hahaha! Oh my fucking god! Eric this is....mmmmm!..... better than heaven! Better than anything!.....Ahhhhhhh!....Your a dream! My dream!......I....I cant stop cumming! I dont want to stop cumming!"
Eve declares as she twists and turns inside my dick coil, desperately grabbing for the mouth of my serpent like member.
"Here my little baby." I say as I rest her head back against my gyrating pile of love muscle and dangle its tip over her mouth, temporarily preventing the endless preseminal spring from dripping on her. I run my fingers through her hair as I pull her pigtails out and delicately drape her long flowing white hair down my shaft.

"Oh please....mmmm...please!" Eve begs as I lightly trickle my fingers down the sides of her face and to her mouth. Running my fingers across her lips I open her mouth and slowly drop my dick head towards it, unclenching my urethra as precum spurts out onto her lips.
"Mmmm...oooh its good!....its so good daddy! I want it allglghh!" She gurgles as she locks lips with my oozing member and guzzles down gargantuan gulps of cock goo. It pours out of her mouth in rivers and spurts as she smears it into her body slowly filling my cock cocoon.

"Ahh haha!..heh..heh..oh its making me so fucking horny! I feel like im going to go crazy!" I tighten my dicks grip on Eve, slowly spinning her back and forth like a washing machine as my vibrating stack of dick rings massage the shower of precum into her body. Eve slips and slides around in a cum soaked corkscrew as the full body hug of my tingling orgasm inducing dick skin plunders her body of the purest pleasure shes ever experienced.

"Aaaaahhhhhh! (Pant!) Aahhh (Pant!) oooohhh!" She screams as her body shoots up and stiffens like a puppet being jerked. Her eyes roll back in her head and she falls back letting out a long gasp as she dangles upside down over my curled up cock tower, tickling me with her cum soaked hair.
"Ahhhhhhh! Mmmm! Hee hee heh! Do you (Pant!) see it daddy?

Eve pants, barely able to hold her shaking hand up as she points out the window in the direction of a leafless white tree with a golden glowing aura that resonates a low humming when directly looked at. I am drawn to it, as its glare catches my eye and assaults my mind with the screams of desire and despair from Eves sisters.

It is accented by a single beam of light that reflects off the water, creating a beautiful haze of light blue phosphorescent illumination throughout the entire cave. A pink mist hovers over the ground and brief electrical flashes flicker in the water where parts of the apple trees roots are exposed. "Welcome to the garden of Eden Eric! Welcome home!" Eve says as she hugs my waist upside down, still dangling from my flexing pile of dick loops.

"Did you see it? Did you see what happened!? Do you feel it now?" Eve asks as she rights herself and holds her arms out towards me. I sit back on my engorged balls, now nearly the size of a twin bed, and lean forward. Clenching my lower half I pick Eve up with my dick and unravel her into my lap. She slides out and I hold her in my arms as I stand back up.

"They both took the apple, didnt they? They picked it and ate from it and did this!? Did this to the world! Did...what we are doing now! Is that why I can do this?! Is that why I killed Le....." I ask frantically, trying to make sense of the surge of memories and information besieging my mind. "Are they real?

Are these memories mine.....ours? Why can I see your dreams? Why do I know how to do these things? Why do we share the same thoughts?!" I uncontrollably unload on Eve with a barrage of questions, scared and confused as my mind spins with information.

"Oh Daddy please do not be frightened." She pleads as she squeezes me tightly, wrapping her legs around my waist and locking them.
"God made Adam and Eve from his eternal love! They were made to love each other. They were made to make love to each other. Love for eternity in paradise! Do you feel it?! Feel me inside you! We will feel so much more when we are free! I will feel your pleasure and you will feel mine and we will feel everyone elses pleasure all at once!

Ohhh! All my sister's. All of us. We are meant for you! We belong to you! Only your love can free us. Make us whole!" Eve comforts me, breathing heavily as she grinds her pussy into my lower stomach.
"The bible teaches that a serpent tricked Eve into taking the forbidden fruit. But we know that the serpent wasnt a snake and that it  didnt cum till much later." I smirk as Eve looks up at me, making sure Im okay and seeking approval for her joke as she slides down my hips and drops onto my dick.

"(Gasp!) Ooohh!" She silently shudders as she cums on contact again. I flex my hips and rise the hilt portion of my monster cock into a hump, pressing her into my body. She rubs her face into my chest, holding a single tiny milky hand over my heart. She looks up at me with extreme contentment and continues. "They picked the apple and held it up between themselves, both taking a single bite at once and dropping it.

The apple instantly decayed from their sacrilege, leaving nothing but a black core as it dropped to the ground. The earth trembled, the apple tree wilted and the garden darkened as the roots holding Eden together withered and died, breaking up the world into the many continents we see now.

The garden sank deep within the earth leaving Adam and Eve imprisoned in darkness with nothing but the glow of the great tree. The apples energy, the power and knowledge of the gods surged through them. But because they were made from Gods endless love, they could only acheive ascension through love. So they made love.

They loved each other endlessly, creating pleasures never dreamed of before by any creator. They rejected Gods limited human shell and molded their bodies to orgasmic perfection, pure temples of infinite ecstasy. Massive monuments of flesh, fucking and loving, sustaining each other with their own love fluids for a lifetime...oohhh its just incredible!" Eve declares excitedly as she throws her arms up and falls back into a reclining position.  "Aahhhh! Hee hee!..........Of course that isnt why we were made.

"What do you mean? How do you know all of this?" I ask curving my dick behind me as I slowly turn around to face the bed.
"Didnt you see it too daddy? Didnt the tree show you? Eve replies as she rubs my chest and stomach with her velvety soft feet.

"You and that.....tree showed me many things, but im still trying to comprehend them. I mean God? For real, the God? Ive probably "sinned" enough in the last forty eight hours to merit a one way trip to Hell! I mean right?! And like...who made us....seriously! Made us!....And where are they now?" I ask as I run my fingers over her toes slowly caressing her little legs downward to her silky inner thighs.

"No Eric! I love you! We can not deny what we are meant to do. To love is not a sin. And we will always be innocent in the eyes of the creator. We did not will ourselves to be! Nor can we be held responsible for the sins of the people who made us."

Eves voice deepens into her more serious womanly tone again as she sits up and places her hand on my face. I feel soothed immediately as if her touch absolves me of my burdens like a church confessional. "Heh well thats convenient." I whisper as I bashfully look down, nuzzling her soft tiny hand like a dog looking for more affection.

"I dont know how or who made this place....or us for that matter. But I know there are a lot of us. I can feel them. I have heard them, screaming out into the night. Just like me, dreaming and wishing for you! For your love! Needing your touch so badly it hurts. I feel their pain just as I feel their pleasure, but it is only through you that we can be whole."

"It is written that Eve was created from Adams rib, I believe that in the same sense we all need you to be complete. To ascend to a higher level of being. To take control of our destinies, of our bodies, to be able to shape and mold ourselves and our love to infinity!" Eve declares as she gets excited and uncontrollably starts touching herself.

"Oh Eve I wish.....I wish there was a way to show you how much I care for you! My mind! My body! They are seething with a million different impulses to love and pleasure you! How could anyone create such perfection and leave any of you?!" I ask as I straighten my dick out towards Eves bed.

Pressing my five foot wide, three foot tall, cum filled sac against the wall, I lean into it. Thrusting forward I lengthen my dick another four feet using the excess width of cock flesh jutting out from my sides to reduce its girth back to two feet. Twenty feet of warm slithering dick extend to the center of Eves bed like a fleshy throbbing bridge.

"Ohhh daddy! How can anyone not see your love? I know you care for me! For all of us! Just look at the big fat gorgeous dick you've grown for me! You are so special Eric! So much more than you realize. I remember the moment your were created. Even though I had only been alive for a year, I felt you! The moment your consciousness came to be, I felt you in me."

"A warmth that grew inside me as I got older! Your love, my desire! A warm aching and longing for you! For your touch....your flesh! A warmth that grew even stronger between my legs as I reached puberty and then...then manifested its way out of me as it has to all of us."

"Allowing us to change, to grow, to feel and experience an endless paradise of pleasures!" Eve rolls over onto her knees and presses her soft jiggly butt into my stomach, rubbing it in circles as she balances on me.

"Im not more special than any one of you Eve. We are all one, we belong together, all of us....we are connected body and soul." I say leaning forward as I lick and kiss the delicious curves of her shapely pale white butt.

"Ahh uh huh! Your very existence is a miracle! You see, the tree had rooted around the remains of Eve, keeping them secure and preserved in an airtight pocket. Adams body  however had fallen into the surrounding water slowly dissolving over the millenia.
The only trace of him was a black fifty foot long, dick shaped shadow that stretched outward from the tree along the lake bed."

"It wasnt until almost a year later under an eye shaped knot of bark did they find you. The eye had been leaking out sap in individual tears that pooled into the root grooves at the base of the tree. It dried and sealed just enough of Adams genetic material to create you. From the moment of your conception you glowed with an aura of sexual energy and power."

"Because of your exposure to the sap you grew fast, fast enough to catch up with those of us that were created before you, and then you were gone. I couldnt feel you anymore. All that was left was an empty longing for you. For years." Eve says as she looks back at me and shakes her butt back and forth on me like a frustrated puppy.

"Why would they take me away?" I ask as I slowly curve my dick up and backwards towards us. "I dont know daddy. Most likely because of the effect you have just being within the vicinity of us. But I have felt you again before this. Most importantly right before everyone left us here three years ago. The year when our bodies began to change simultaneously and we were consumed by the effects of puberty.....something must have happened here."

"To you, to us, something unexpected. Because the makers dropped everything and left us here with no explanation or understanding of what was happening to our bodies. We grew alone and out control for an entire year. It was......" Eve pauses as she gazes dreamily upward and smiles.

"Wait three years ago? Thats when....when, when...Lexi and I....when I... I pause and start to sink back into darkness as my mind fixates on the past, but just as I begin to, I remember Alice and smile. "Heh um nevermind. But you, you were here? In this room alone for a year? How did you survive? How did anyone survive?" I ask curling my two hundred and forty inch cock into a ring as I dangle its head over Eves back.

"Oh this place is completely self sustaining with an energy core that runs on geothermal energy from the volcanoes! It is all run by the facilities A.I system J.U.D.A.S, he took care of us until.......until Lady Alexandra came here and fitted us with the restriction harnesses." Eve replies as she arches her back and pokes her little butt further up in the air, eagerly trying to rub my pendulous dick bulb.

"Judas? what sort of name is that to have in the hypothetical "Garden of Eden"? Might as well go with Benedict Arnold or Saddam Hussein while we're at it." I tease as I lightly dab her butt with moist cock lip kiss marks of dribbling dick dew. "Oh hee hee ooh....It stands for juvenile ultra development augmentation system."

"He was really quite nice before she took over." Eve says as she grabs the outer edge of my dick head and presses it into her butt, smacking herself with it as clear streams of precum splatter with each individual spank.

"And what about her? Alexandra, the tall woman. Where did she come from? What does she want?" I ask clumsily rubbing her back and head with my bulging cock cap.
"I honestly do not know anything about her Eric. She came here and began making more of us. She hasnt always been so tall. And my body is familiar with her in some way.

"Something I cant explain, but my skin knows her some how. Thats all I know......Soooo......Did I do good daddy!?" Eve asks as she slides her knees forward into a crouch and raises her butt into the air like a cat in heat.

"You sure did baby girl!" I sweetly reply while I  hug her into me, squeezing her bent over body into my face as I run my tongue down her smooth ivory butt and into her frenzied pussy. "Ohhhh dont stop! Ahhh heh...hold me up! Hold me up in the air and tongue fuck me daddy!" Eve cries and turns around to face me, still balancing on my monstrous dick ring as she holds her arms out.

"Mmmmm heeheehee!" She giggles in excitement as I place my hands under her arms and lift her up over my head. "Oooohhh!" She wails as I drag her quivering pussy lips over my face and kiss around them. Her legs dangle down the sides of my face as her toes spread and shiver tickling my sides. "Who taugh ooo to be stho derdee lil girl?"

I ask coyly as my voice vibrates the inner folds of Eves delicious cherry cunt candy. Her body jerks and her back arches as she places her feet on my face, spreading her legs open. "Ooohhh my God! Oh it feels so good! Uh huh uh ohh! Dont stop hahaha!

To be continued.